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Empico Seasons Of Love

Product Code: Empico 30g – Assorted
Barcode: 955-544480-178-8
Packing: 30g X 4’s X 48 (5.76kg)
Carton M3: 0.028m3

Empico Gift Of Gold

Product Code: BNE 3012
Barcode: 955-544480-229-7
Packing: 30g X 6’s X 48 (8.64kg)
Carton M3: 0.035m3

Empico Celebration

Product Code: Empico 180g X 2
Barcode: 955-544480-185-6
Packing: 180g X 2’s X 36 (12.96kg)
Carton M3: 0.022m3

Empico Choco Delights

Product Code: Empico 40g – Assorted
Barcode: 955-544480-177-1
Packing: 40g X 4’s X 48 (7.68kg)
Carton M3: 0.030m3


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