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Bino Sweet Memories (Almond Nuts) 4’s

Product Code: BNZ1004
Barcode (Outer Pack): 955-655500-098-5
Packing Size: 30g x 4’s x 84(10.08kg)
Carton M3: 0.048m3

Bino Sweet Memories (Almond Nuts) 6’s

Product Code: BNZ1006
Barcode (Outer Pack): 955-655500-099-2
Packing Size: 30g x 6’s x 60 (10.8kg)
Carton M3: 0.046m3

Bino Sweet Memories (Almond Nuts) 8’s

Product Code: BNZ 1008
Barcode (Outer Pack): 955-655500-100-5
Packing Size: 30g x 8’s x 48(11.52kg)
Carton M3: 0.045m3

Bino Sweet Memories (Almond Nuts) 10’s

Product Code: BNZ1010
Barcode (Outer Pack): 955-655500-101-2
Packing Size: 30g x 10’s x 36(10.8kg)
Carton M3: 0.040m3

Bino Season’s Gift Pack
(Assorted) 5’s

Product Code: BNZ 1005
Barcode: 955-655500-066-4
Packing: 25g x 5’s x 72 (9kg)
Carton M3: 0.049m3

Bino Season’s Gift Pack (Assorted) 10’s

Product Code: BNZ 1011
Barcode: 955-655500-067-1
Packing: 25g x 10’s x 36 (9kg)
Carton M3: 0.040m3

Bino Classic Chocolate (Assorted)

Product Code: BNZ 1003
Barcode: 955-655500-091-6
Packing: 40g x 4’s x 60 (9.6kg)
Carton M3: 0.048m3

Bino Green Tea Choco

Product Code: BNZ 1109
Barcode: 955-544480-313-3
Packing: 25g x 4’s x 84 (8.40kg)
Carton M3: 0.048m3


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